American Tall Tales

5 09 2011

This dude was ridiculous tall.

All of last week we explored American Tall Tales.  We read about the great frontiersman Davy Crockett and the greatest cowboy of all time, Pecos Bill.  We watched videos about the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan and the African-American railroad worker, John Henry.  We even discussed other tall tale heroes like Alfred “Bullstomp” Stormalong, Mose the firefighter, Johnny Appleseed, Febold Feboldsen, Mike Fink, Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind, and Slue Foot Sue.

All of these characters had their own unique personalities and strengths, but most of them had many things in common as well.  Think about what they all had in common as you answer these questions:  Why did American people start telling stories about these characters back in the middle of the 1800s?  Why did their stories become so important and why did they grow and change so much over time?

Be sure to type out your answers in complete sentences.  Be sure to back up your ideas with some examples, evidence, or proof.  Be sure to check back and see what other people say too.  Be sure to comment on what they say.

Every student in our class is required to participate.  You must comment on this post with your thoughts (probably a good paragraph or two – maybe more), then, come back and comment on what other people have said – you are required to make an effort to keep the conversation going by replying to at least 2 other students (more than just “I agree” or “you are right.” Give them reasons why you agree/disagree or what they said that was meaningful – make this a discussion).