Boys Should Be Boys

8 06 2012

Even though I teach kids and read lots of kids books, I do enjoy reading some grown people books sometimes too.  While I’ve been working on all these awesome books for middle schoolers like Squish, Babymouse, Smile, and The One and Only Ivan, I’ve also been slowly working on Boys Should Be Boys.

I don’t think this one will interest any of my students, but I enjoyed it.  Written by Dr. Meg Meeker, it’s kind of an owner’s manual for having a son.  No matter what I do in my life: teaching, writing, traveling, coaching, cooking, drawing… I like to read more about those subjects to get better at things.  I read a ton of books about teaching.  I read a lot of blogs written by authors to get ideas and tips.  I have stacks and stacks of travel guides and travel essays in my room.  I have a whole shelf of books on coaching young actors, baseball players, and basketball drills.

So why not read about how to be an even better parent to my sons?

Another teacher at school who also has boys about the same age as my sons recommended this one, and I’ll definitely be passing it on to a few other parents that I know.  Hopefully it really does help me become a better dad.   Maybe it will even make me a better teacher.

This was my 20th book this summer.  My goal of reading 90 books in 90 days over break looks like it might be a real possibility.