The Big Wave 1

12 05 2011

In The Big Wave, Kino’s father says, “Ocean is there and volcano is there.  It is true that on any day ocean may rise into storm and volcano may burst into flame.  We must accept this fact, but without fear.  We must say, ‘Someday I shall die, and does it matter whether it is by ocean or volcano, or whether I grow old and weak?’ —- Do not be afraid.  When you are afraid, you are thinking about them all the time.  Enjoy life and do not fear death-that is the way of a good Japanese.”

Think about the recent tragedies in Japan and try to apply Kino’s father’s words to that situation.  How do you think that way of thinking has helped or hurt Japan?  Could you live your life that way?  How?

Be sure to type out your answers in complete sentences.  Be sure to back up your ideas with some examples, evidence, or proof.  Be sure to check back and see what other people say too.  Be sure to comment on what they say.