I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and other stories

31 05 2012

Way back in 1969 when Dr. Seuss wrote this book, “lick” was a term that meant beat-up, like in a fight.  You might be watching a boxing match and say, “I think Joe Frazier is going to lick Muhammad Ali.”  That meant you thought Frazier would win the fight.  Now a days, if you said that one boxer would lick another, you’d have a very disturbing fight on your hands.

I don’t think any one would watch that on Pay-Per-View.

It’s weird how words change and grow over time.

Anyhow, I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! is not about swiping your tongue across a streak of tigers (yup, a streak of tigers is the term you use for a group – just like a flock of geese, a pride of lions or a murder of crows – collective nouns are weird too).  It’s about a young boy, who looks a lot like a 7 year old Cat in the Hat, who decides that he can beat-up 30 tigers.

He brags about his ability to beat the whole ambush (that’s another collective noun for a group of tigers), until the tigers all show up, then, one by one, he starts back tracking – saying, maybe it’s better if he only fights 29, 28, 25…  Of course, this is all done in Dr. Seuss’ silly, rhythmic style.

The second story in the book – King Looie Katz – is about a king who doesn’t want his tail to ever touch the ground, so he hires a servant to carry it around behind him.  The servant gets jealous and wants someone to carry his tail too.  Then the servant’s servant wants a servant, and pretty soon the whole town is walking around in a giant parade of tail carriers.

Finally, there’s my favorite story in the book – The Glunk That Got Thunk.  This one’s about a little girl, who also looks like a younger version of the Cat in the Hat, who uses her imagination to create fun friends and situations.  One time, however, she goes to far and thinks up a Glunk, an obnoxious and rude creature who wreaks havoc on the girl’s life.

It’s a good collection, but really, how many bad books did Dr. Seuss write?  These are just like his others – they’re fun, funny, and great to read aloud.  Each of the stories also has a hidden message, just like so many of Dr. Seuss’ stories.

This book was #7 in my attempt to read 90 books in 90 days this summer vacation.  So far I’m right on track, 7 books in 7 days.  Follow me here if you want to see if I can make it.

Andy’s 90 Book Progress

27 05 2012

Today my big guy, Andy, who just finished kindergarten this week, tackled a few books.  He heard me telling my wife about my goal of reading 90 books in 90 days this summer, so he wanted to play along.

The first book he read today was a chapter book – the first one he’s ever finished all the way through – called The Magic Tree House #6: Afternoon on the Amazon.  He says he really liked the bugs in the book, but his favorite part was the monkey that helps the two heroes – Jack and Annie.  He said the ending was a little sad, because the kids had to say good by to their mouse friend, Peanut.

He has 5 or 6 more Magic Tree House books on his shelf, so I bet he gets into those soon.  I’m betting the one about ninjas will be pulled out before the weekend is over.

Later in the day, he read Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.  I bet I’ve read this one to him 30 times, and we always have fun trying to do the tongue twisters faster and faster.  His little brothers always laugh when we mess up and start giggling about it, so I think Andy did that on purpose a few times.

So far this summer he’s already read 3 books, so I don’t think 90 will be a problem for him.  On the plus side, I haven’t said a word to the kids yet, but our TVs been off the last two days.  With so many good books, I don’t think anyone’s even missed it.

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