Darth Paper Strikes Back

31 05 2012

Earlier this year, I read The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda and I loved it.  It’s a quirky, funny book about a kid a McQuarrie Middle School who isn’t quite right in the head (or so it seems).  Dwight shows up to school with an origami Yoda on his finger, and this little paper Jedi dispenses bits of wisdom that magically help all the kids at the school.

The book is actually a series of entries in a “case file” written by Tommy, another student at the school.  Tommy’s trying to figure out if the Yoda is just Dwight doing a silly voice of if the Force is actually strong in this one.  The case file includes hilarious illustrations by Tommy’s friend Kellen, and commentary from Harvey, the one student who remains skeptical about Yoda’s powers.

Darth Paper Strikes Back is the sequel.  Now, it’s not just Yoda helping the students of McQuarrie anymore.  Darth Paper, Harvey’s evil answer to “Paperwad Yoda” is doing anything he can to turn the school to the dark side and bring down Origami Yoda and Dwight.

Harvey and his evil folded paper manage to get Dwight suspended, maybe even expelled from school.  Now it’s up to Tommy and Kellen and the other kids of McQuarrie to save Dwight and Yoda.  This time, however, they have to manage to do it without Yoda’s advice.

The added bonus in this book is instructions on how to make a simple Origami Yoda and a complicated Darth Paper (the complicated Yoda directions were in the first book) and rules for a fun little Star Wars related game that will be sure to kill a lot of time in study halls after kids read this book.

I loved these books.  They’re clever, loaded with fun references to the Star Wars movies, and the illustrations and commentary make them totally unique.  I can’t wait for the third book to show up soon.