What’s the Goal of 6th Grade Lit and LA?

The goal of 6th grade Lit/LA with Mr. Curtis is real simple – to make you a better reader and a better writer.

On the reading side of things, we’ll be reading dozens of different texts this year.  I’ve selected a whole bunch of short stories, poems, biographies, comics, picture books, non-fiction stories, folktales, tall tales, fairy tales, and just about any other type of literature you can think of for us to explore together.  Along the way, we will be reading several full novels too – some of them as a group and some individually.

There’s a whole world of literature out there to explore, so we’re going to do just that – reading stories from America to start the year, then traveling the globe through books – stopping in all sorts of cool places like Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Panama, England, Ireland, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, Greece, Egypt, India, Australia, China, and Japan.

When we read, we’ll often take time to discuss and learn more about what we’ve read.  Sometimes we’ll do a little research and other times we’ll just chat about a piece of literature.  One day we might draw a picture related to the reading, the next day might have us sketching a map or creating a newspaper or building our own story – every day will be something a little different.   We’ll also spend a ton of time online.  We’ll take a look at a whole bunch of things that have hilarious names – wikis, blogs, backchannels, and podcasts.

Remember, the other half of the class is writing, so we’ll spend plenty of time exploring different types of writing – especially expository, persuasive, narrative, and poetry.  We will become better writers by learning to develop our IDEAS, ORGANIZE our thoughts, expand our vocabularies and use good WORD CHOICE, improve the “sound” of our writing with SENTENCE FLUENCY, add in our own personalities with VOICE, and understand the rules of CONVENTIONS and PRESENTATION.

Aside from the reading and writing, I know that 6th grade is tough.  It is a difficult adjustment getting used to lockers and changing classes and different expectations, so we will be very structured and organized in this room in order to make the transition to junior high easier.  Throughout the year, we will follow the same weekly and daily routines.  This will help you stay organized and make it so you always know what is expected of you.

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18 08 2013
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