Materials and Assignments

The following materials should be brought to class each and every day:

  •  Language Arts/Literature Notebook
  • A writing utensil (blue or black pen for assignments, whatever you want for notes or class work)
  • A personal reading book
  • Your homework for the day

There will be several different assignments given throughout the course of the year.  To give you an idea of what will be expected of you, some of the assignments are listed here.

Reading Response – Almost every day there will be something to read.  Sometimes we’ll read individually, sometimes in groups.  Sometimes Mr. Curtis will read to you, sometimes we’ll act a story out like a play.   Most days there will be a reading response question for you to answer.  These will make you think about the reading.  Thinking is good.

Book Talks – Eight times during the year (twice per quarter), you will be responsible for giving a book talk, a brief presentation in which you will try to “sell” the class on a book you’ve read.  Some classes will choose their books from a pre-set list.  (Book Talks will be slightly modified for the advanced class – this will be discussed further at a later date).

Writing Projects – Several times a year you will be asked to complete a final draft of a paper, start to finish, in about three-four weeks.  These papers will be a large percentage of your grade.

Writing Practice – Practice makes perfect, right?  So in order to become a better writer we’ll be practicing a whole bunch of different things to help us.

Bellwork – Bellwork is work you do when you first enter the classroom.  Bellwork will include a few different things, including answering questions, silent reading, and journaling.

Discussions/Chats – Sometimes you’ll be asked to participate in class discussions about what we’re reading.  The discussions could be out loud, they could be in small groups, or they could be in an online chatroom.   Bring your best ideas to all those discussions, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always feel free to share your opinions.  What makes a literature class great is we can all disagree and all still be right!

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