About Mr. Curtis

Mr. Curtis has been teaching English for 11 years now, although this is his first year at Oswego East.   In the past he has worked with 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students.   Mr. C really loves literature, especially authors like Douglas Adams, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Christopher Moore, George R. R. Martin, and John Steinbeck – and poets like Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare, Carl Sandburg, Walt Whitman, and W.B. Yeats.

Besides teaching, Mr. Curtis has coached baseball, basketball, and track, as well as running the drama club at his last school.  For the last nine years, he as also run another club called Minooka TAP (Travel Abroad Program) that takes groups of students on trips to foreign countries.  In the last few years, Mr. C has been lucky enough to visit Germany, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Vatican City, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Japan, France, England, Wales, China, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and the Czech Republic.  At the end of this school year, he’ll be taking a group to South Africa for a two week adventure – and there might be a few spots still available on that trip!

At home, Mr. Curtis and his wife have three little boys.  Andy is eight – he loves superheros, Lagos, Minecraft, and Skylanders.  Jake and Josh (the twins) are five.  Josh is really into trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine.  Jake is that kid that Mr. Curtis’ mom always hoped that Mr. Curtis would have – Jake jokes around, finds the silliest ways to get in trouble, and has a really weird sense of humor.

The Curtis family has two dogs and two cats.  All of their pets are named after Cubs players (Ernie and Gracie the dogs, and Sutcliffe and Fergie the cats), because all of the Curtis’ are huge Cub fans.  Yes, we know it’s been a really long time since they won anything, but we still love our Cubbies, so just leave us alone about it.  We’re also big fans of the Chicago Blackhawks (hockey) and the Minnesota Vikings (football).  This year the whole family got really into the FIFA World Cup too, and since Mr. C spent a few weeks in Germany this summer, he was rooting for them to win it all.

Mr. Curtis graduated from college way back in the 1990s at a small, little school in Naperville, Illinois called North Central College.  He majored in English (hey, that’s a good major for an English teacher) and Theater (whoa! a really good major for the former drama club coach), and loved his time at North Central.  For his Master’s Degree in reading, Mr. C attended Olivet Nazerene University, it may be the home of the Bears training camp, but the school football team wears Viking purple, so Mr. Curtis was right at home.

For a year, Mr. C was lucky enough to participate in a college exchange program and went to college at the University of Wolverhampton where he got to travel all over to places like London; Stratford (Shakespeare’s hometown); Canterbury; Cardiff, Wales; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; and even Paris, France.  It was probably that year that got Mr. C ready to work with Minooka TAP.

Other than that, Mr. Curtis just loves to read and share good books with his students.  His mission is to find each kid at least one book this year that they absolutely love.

7 responses

14 04 2011
Carli C.

GO CUBS!!!!!

15 04 2011
Sean C


20 04 2011
alex R.


3 05 2011
Collin D

It was obvious you would notice the word dinosaurs! 🙂

27 04 2011
Alex R.

I thought you liked the Chicago Bears…..

27 08 2012
Terri Klinder

Go Blackhawks!!!

1 10 2012
alyssa z


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