How to Potty Train Your Monster

10 08 2012

Potty training is not fun.  It’s frustrating.  It’s messy.  It involves far more laundry that I want to do.

I honestly thought that potty training the twins would be easier than it was when it was only one kid.  I thought for sure that two little boys would get competitive about who would, could, should poop and pee on the potty.  I thought giving them little prizes like Skittles or M&Ms would make it even easier.

There’s not any competition.  They don’t care about what the other is doing.

There’s no desire to get out of diapers.  They don’t seem to care that they are expensive.

They’ve gotten really good at teamwork when it comes to climbing the counters and getting down the bag of Skittles so that they can have a treat when ever they want it.  Now I have to get creative when I hide the candy.  It’s in my sock drawer now.  If you ever come over, now you know where I keep my Skittles.

This week my wife picked out How to Potty Train Your Monster  by Kelly DiPucchio from the local library.   I read it, next she’s going to read it, then this weekend it’s going to be a potty boot camp at our house.

This book breaks potty training down into simple steps like getting your monster a potty chair, dressing your monster in easy-off clothes so they can get into potty mode quickly, and washing your monster’s paws after potty time.

It’s a cute book.  Honestly, it does a really good job of giving a fun voice to a boring set of instructions, and the illustrations by Michael Moon are pretty darn funny.

I’d highly recommend this one to any parents working on potty training their kids, big brothers or sisters who want to help out, or anyone who’s ready to get out of diapers.

How to Potty Train Your Monster was the 58th book I read this summer.  I’m on a mission to finish 90 books in 90 days over break, and I’m almost two-thirds of the way there.  




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