Doreen Cronin Books

10 08 2012

Ever since we got a tiny paperback copy of Doreen Cronin’s Wiggle in our Cheerio’s a few years ago, we’ve been big fans.  It’s hard to top Wiggle in our hearts, but Cronin has several fantastic series of children’s picture books, all of which entertain my kids to no end.

My second favorite of her books is Click, Clack, Moo – Cows that Type.  This is the first in a fun series of books about Farmer Brown and the mischievous animals on his farm – especially the class farm clown, Duck.  Duck is at it again in Giggle, Giggle, Quack  – another farms story in which Farmer Brown dares to go on vacation and leave his unsuspecting brother in charge.  Duck takes full advantage of the situation, pulling some strings to get the farm animals pizza for dinner and a movie night in the barn.  My boys loved it.

Clickety Clack, Quackity Quack is a fun ABC book that stars Duck and the farm animals.  It’s a clever introduction to the ABCs and Cronin’s cast of characters.  Thump, Quack, Moo is another farm adventure, loaded with fun onomatopoeia in which Duck and the other animals “help” farmer brown prepare for the annual corn maze on the farm.  Duck, as you’d guess if you’ve read any of the other books, has got his own agenda – this time he’s out to alter Farmer Brown’s Statue of Liberty corn maze design to be a little Duckier.

All three of these books, and any of the Duck stories, are illustrated by Betsy Lewin with fun, cartoony pictures that perfectly match the characters and stories Cronin creates.  All of them are highly recommended.

Cronin’s other “series” is even more fun for the little kids.  It starts with Wiggle.  Which I would estimate I’ve read 6,000 times in the last 5 years.  We love Wiggle.  The book is about a cartoon dog who wiggles a lot.  He wiggles when he wakes up, he wiggles out of bed, if he wiggles with his breakfast, it might wind up on his head…  See, I’ve read it a lot – I just typed those lines from the book without looking them up.  Even though we own two copies of Wiggle – the little paper one from the cereal box and a hardcover copy we bought last year, the boys still wanted to check it out.

They love acting out all the wiggles in Wiggle, so it was a no-brainer to check out Stretch and Bounce, which feature the same dog, illustrated by Scott Menchin with a variety of styles.  The other two books are more of the same kind of fun – the dog bouncing and stretching through all sorts of places and with tons of funny animals.  I’m sure as soon as these two need to be returned to the library, I’ll be looking for our own copies on Amazon or at a local bookstore.  

I can’t recommend these books enough for families with little kids.

I’m on a quest to read 90 books in 90 days this summer.  These six Doreen Cronin books were #59, 60, 61, 62, 63, and 64.  





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