Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden

10 08 2012

I’d like to say that one of my kids picked this one out because they were drawn to the cute little chipmunk picture on the cover, but they didn’t.  My wife saw this one at the library and grabbed it up, because, for some unknown reason, she thought the title Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden was hilarious.

The funny thing, we checked it out, took it home, and had it for an entire week – yet she never read it.  I read it with the two little guys (Josh and Jake) on the couch the other day.

Honestly, the story’s not that good.  I don’t know if anyone remembers the TV show  Meerkat Manor, but this book reminded me of that show, but without the fun, cheeky narration.  The narration in this one seemed stilted and weak, and the book just seemed to be a showcase for the photographs rather than any sort of story.  That said, I’m in my 30s, so I’m not the intended audience for this book.  My three year old sons seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, so that’s probably a more useful review.

However, those photographs are incredible.  If you want to look at some unbelievable pictures of chipmunks romping around in the yard, house cats in the sun, butterflies, owls, and all sorts of other suburban wildlife, you can’t go wrong here.

This one’s great for little kids, but where I think it would be best is for middle grade students interested in wildlife photography.

Chippy Chipmunk was the 55th book I read this summer.  I’m trying to finish 90 books in 90 days over vacation.




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