The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear

9 08 2012

After the initial disappointment of learning that the protagonist in this piece was not a ninja cowboy bear, but it was actually three separate characters; a ninja, a cowboy, and a bear, I loved this little picture book.

The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear by David Bruins and Hilary Leung is a real simple story about friendship.  The three unlikely friends roam around together, but somewhere deep down inside, each thinks he is better than his friends.  A series of contests is designed to see who is actually the best.

When there’s contests like that, there’s got to be losers.  All three friends are losers, because the friendship is what suffers.  What the trio comes to realize is that each of them has their strengths (which should be celebrated) and their weaknesses (which is a friend’s job to cover up and lessen).

In the end, the authors show the reader a fun little game that turns rock, paper, scissors on it’s head.

The fun style of the illustrations make this book even better than a book about ninjas, cowboys, and bears should be.  Just like the friendship where 1+1+1 > 3, the quirky, fun illustrations and the clean, crisp writing manage to be more than one plus one equals two.

I’m on a mission to read 90 books in 90 days over summer break this year.  The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear was #51.  




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