Babymouse #6 and #8

14 07 2012

Who ever checked out Babymouse 5, 7, and 9 from my local library sure has had them a long, long time.  I know you don’t need to read these in any particular order, but I read the first three and have been patiently waiting for #5 to be returned.

Finally, the other day I got sick of waiting.  My kids and I walked to the library.  The bigger guy was looking at his own books, the little guys were playing with some blocks and puzzles, and I just wasn’t motivated to read the book I’d brought with (Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which I did finish a few days later).

I walked over to the graphic novel section, and, of course, Babymouse 5 was not there.  So I figured I’d just skip ahead to 6.

Babymouse #6: Skater Girl has a sweet little lesson about finding your passion and having priorities.  It seems like everyone in school has a talent that sort of defines who they are, but Babymouse wants to be the best at something, and when she’s approached by a figure skating coach she finds something to be passionate about.  

Like every kid ever, Babymouse has joined a million different clubs, teams, and activities, but always seems to want to quite before too long.  As usual, Babymouse falls into her imaginative worlds, fighting locker beasts, winning Olympic medals, and showing the bullies who’s boss – and her hilarious daydreams are, as always, the best part.

Babymouse #8: Monster Mash is just as strong.  Babymouse wants to have the perfect post trick or treat Halloween party, but the popular crowd at school tries to pressure her into toilet papering, egging, and excluding her true friends from the party.  In true Babymouse style, our hero does what’s right and, with the help of her imagination and day dreams, turns the tables.

Both are well worth reading, even out of order.

These two Babymouse books are #41 and 42 in my mission to finish 90 books in 90 days this summer.




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