The Lord Buddha

28 06 2012

I’m lucky enough that I get to travel the world with my students each year.  One of the best ways we prepare for those trips is by readings stories and books from that area of the world.  This year, getting ready for our Japan trips, we read Hachiko Waits, The Old Man Mad About Drawing, The Master Puppeteer, The Big Wave, and a whole bunch more.

However, this year I also found some great books while I was on my trip that helped me better understand what I was seeing.   I already wrote about Barefoot Gen, which gave me a whole new understanding about what I saw in Hiroshima, but another book I picked up in Japan was The Lord Buddha.  

I bought this one at a Buddhist temple outside of Tokyo to help me understand who Buddha was and a little more about that religion.  It’s a picture book biography that tells the life story of Buddha, from childhood til his death.

This is the 30th book I’ve read this summer.  I’m shooting to read 90 books in 90 days.  



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