Bark, George

10 06 2012

Bark, George is a funny little picture book about a puppy named George.  His mother asks him to bark, but he meows, oinks, quacks, and moos instead.

His mother takes him to the vet to get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon, and pretty soon we understand why George makes the sounds of different animals.

The book is drawn in a familiar style by Jules Feiffer, who illustrated one of the greatest kids’ books of all time – The Phantom Tollbooth.  The illustrations, especially the expressions on George’s mom’s face when he meows, quacks, moos, and oinks, are priceless.   The best part of the story is the last page, which will prompt some great questions that will foster some great conversations with your little brothers/sisters/cousins/or kids.

My kids all enjoyed this one.  Jake and Josh asked my wife or I to read it a dozen times, and Andy probably read it to them another 5 0r 6 on top of that.  I’d highly recommend this one for any kids 1st grade or younger.

This is book #23 in my quest to read 90 books in 90 days this summer.  




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