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8 06 2012

He’s suddenly a reading machine, my big guy is.  He’s flying through books faster than I can update this page.

His goal is 90 books this summer, but I think he’s on a pace for 150!

I don’t know where he got it, but he came out of  his room yesterday with Let’s Read About… George Washington, a kids biography of our first president.  He got stuck on a few words like revolution and presidency, and had a lot of questions like “why were we fighting England” and “why did they pick George Washington to be president,” but that’s the whole point of reading, isn’t it?  The best part was that after reading it, he told his mom all about George and she told him that George was such a good person that he can not tell a lie.  Andy was having some issues with lying recently, but now he says he wants to be like George Washington and won’t lie again. We found Bark, George on a list of “must read before the end of kindergarten” books.  He finished kindergarten 2 weeks ago, so he’s a little late on that one, but he loved Bark, George so much that he read it to me, to his mom, to his brothers, and a few time just for himself.  I understand why, it’s a fun book.

That list of 50 must read books had a few others on it, so we got Caps for Sale out of the library, and even though he’s read it 100 times already, he pulled Green Eggs and Ham off the shelf to read again today.  Both are classics, and should be read by every kid at some point and time.

Wiggle was a book that we got out of a Cheerio’s box about five years ago.  Andy loved it so much as a little kid that we probably read it to him 100 times.  Then, when the twins were about a year old, they went through a phase where we had to read Wiggle every single night before they’d go to sleep.  Then, one of them would always sleep with it.  That phase lasted almost an entire year.  I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I’d read that book over 200 times.   I think I know most of it by heart.  Now, the little paperback copy from the cereal box is long gone, and the hardcover one is more tape than paper, but Andy wanted to read it this morning.

  Finally, Let’s Go Cubs is a fun little book about a family going to a Cubs game.  I think they made the same book for almost every team, but change a few words and a few of the pictures, but it was one of the first books Andy ever got from his grandparents, so it’s always been one of his favorites at bed time.  I think today was the first time he read the whole thing on his own. That’s a total of 25 books for Andy so far this summer.  I think he’s easily going to reach his 90 book goal.




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