2 06 2012

A couple of years ago, I saw one of my students checkout a Babymouse book from the library.  I’ll be honest here… I judged that book by its cover.  I know I shouldn’t have, but I did.   I assumed that it was a baby book, a silly book… dare I say… not a “real” book.

Then, the next week, when she checked out another Babymouse book, and (even worse) she got a friend to check one out too.  Next thing I knew, I had an epidemic on my hands.  All the girls wanted to check out Babymouse books.

I was frustrated.  These were some of my lowest readers, and they refused to challenge themselves with a “real” book.  I made a million suggestions, but this group of girls wanted nothing but Babymouse.

Eventually, they’d read all the Babymouse books we had at our school.  Finally, they’d go on to something worthwhile, right?

Nope.  They started reading the Babymouse books over from the beginning.

What an idiot I am sometimes.  I’d love to say that was the last time I’ll judge a book by its cover, but I know I’ll do it again, it’s human nature to make quick judgments like that.  However, I’ll never dissuade a student from reading Babymouse ever again.

Babymouse is imaginative.  It’s funny.  It’s clever.  It’s full of situations that kids in my school face every day.  The only difference, Babymouse is a mouse draw in black ink with pink filler.  She’s part Amelia Rules, part Calvin and Hobbes, and part completely original.

Babymouse deals with situations that we all face as a pre-teen/adolescent.  Parents, peer pressure, bullies, homework, teachers…  Yet the way she deals with them, often escaping into fantasy worlds (like Amelia’s ninjas and superheroes and Calvin’s Spaceman Spiff) that throw her into the Old West, outer space, super hero stories, film noir detective books, and even fairy tales.

I’ve only read the first two, Babymouse Queen of the World! and Babymouse Our Hero but like that student I had a few years ago, I’m not stopping until I’ve read all that my library has.

These two wonderful books are #11 and #12 on my quest to read 90 books in 90 days this summer.




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