Once Upon a Marigold

1 06 2012

Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris was one of those Rebecca Caudill nominated books that I never got around to reading when it was on the list back in 2007.  With 20 books on the list each year, I never seem to have enough time to get to all of them, but for some reason I finally picked it up this week.

Boy am I glad that I did.  Most fantasy stories get pretty heavy, pretty deep, and pretty intense.  This one is entirely different – it’s lighthearted and fun from cover to cover.  Full of jokes, clever plays on words, and new spins on fantasy character standards.

The story begins with Christian, a small boy who has decided to run away from home, running into Edric, a troll that loves to collect lost things in the forest.  Christian decides to live with Ed, and he grows up in the woods, unfamiliar to the human world.

Marigold is a princess.  Her mother ignores her, her sisters have been married off, and her father is slipping slowly into dementia.

One day Chris, using his telescope, sees Marigold reading a book on the terrace outside her bedroom.  It’s love at first sight, so he sends her a p-mail – that’s a note delivered by carrier pigeon.  They correspond back and forth for awhile, becoming the best of friends, but Marigold doesn’t know she’s talking to a commoner that lives in a cave in the woods.

Ed sees all of this and realizes that Chris has been away from his own kind too long.  As much as he’ll miss him, he decides it’s time for Chris to head out in the real world.  Little does he know that Chris has already made that same decision, and he’s chosen to head straight for Marigold’s castle.

Then the real adventure begins.

This book was #8 in my quest to read 90 books in 90 days this summer.




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